Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Short News: New eBook exclusive DS9 novella by Block & Erdmann added for November 13th 2017

Simon and Schuster has added a new eBook exclusive DS9 novella called I, The Constable to their line-up for November 13th 2017.

It will be written by Paula M. Block and Terry J. Ermann, who have written two other DS9 novellas in the last few years with Lust’s Latinum Lost (And Found) and Rules of Accusation.  

No information  are available about the topic of this novella, but the title seems to suggest that after the last two novellas being focused on Quark and the Ferengi this one seems to take a closer look at Quark's old nemesis Odo.


Paula has confirmed that it will indeed feature Odo on Twitter:

The "Constable" in the title is indeed Odo. And Quark is in the story, too.

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